After Years of Torture

After years of torture attempting to find an agent for my novel, The Language of Bears, I decided to publish it on Amazon. This decision threw me unprepared into the often-bewildering, often-exciting, often soul-sucking world of independent publishing. Since many of the issues I’ve faced (and continue to face) in the process were worked out by trial-and-error (accompanied by staggeringly idiotic moves by my computer-illiterate self), it would be useful and even entertaining to share my continuing adventures with other aspiring indie writers.


One thought on “After Years of Torture

  1. I tried writing a novel once – and only once! After 65,000 words, I re-read it and laughed till I cried. I couldn’t believe I wrote like a five-year old! I am certainly unable to give anyone advice!!
    Pleased to meet you.

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