Staggeringly Splendid Sale!

Affable Americans and Beneficent Britons! Beginning today, my book, The Language of Bears, will be subject to something called a “Kindle Countdown Sale.” I’m given to understand that this means, for the next seven days (or 160 hours, whichever comes first) the price of the novel will plummet to an historically low price of ONLY 99 CENTS. That’s less than a dollar! One cent less!

Tragically, this price is only available is the fine folks residing in the U.S. and U.K.

267167CA-02B1-4076-A858-DE4CD3F86C26So if you were previously considering buying LOB for the (already shocking low) price of $4.94, you can now buy FIVE COPIES for almost the same price! Not that that would make any sense! Because if you had five copies, what would do with them? Read each one? If you really wanted to read my book five times, you could read the one copy repeatedly instead of switching between copies. Because the texts would be identical!

So, personally, I would go with buying one copy.






6 thoughts on “Staggeringly Splendid Sale!

  1. I would have bought it for a dollar. Shame it’s $6.50 in Australia (I’m one of those die hards who won’t pay more than $2.00 for digital books). Hey, I’m a poor student. And I prefer paper books, anyway. Maybe the sale will come our way someday. 🙂


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