The Frog Chronicles

My apologies for this post having nothing to do with publishing books on Kindle Direct, or with writing novels, or with…anything whatsoever of importance at all, really. Nonetheless, I’m moved by the spirit to share these pictures of my frog!

Backstory: my son and I ventured a couple of months ago to a pond near our home, where we  kidnapped two tadpoles. After obtaining a suitable container (a terrarium from the local DIY store) and gussying it up with a bed of gravel, a few small rocks, and a sprig of algae, we set to raising our tadpoles into frogs. We named the creatures Tom and Jack, after the Japanese word for tadpole: オタマジャクシ, otamajakushi, o TOM a JACK u shi (it was an amiable coincidence that I also have family members with these names). What follows is a pictorial guide to the metamorphosis of Jack, who, endowed with an indomitable spirit, has admirably fulfilled his duties of transcending from pollywog to froglet to frog. Tom, by contrast to his sibling, is the black tadpole of the family, it seems. He has steadfastly refused to grow up. Instead of becoming a frog, the nubs which emerged from his sides that nature had intended to become legs, remain stunted and useless, while his body gets more and more bloated on free granules of fish food (he refuses to even try the tiny crickets and worms I throw his heartier brother).

What follows is a photojournalistic treatment of our good son, Jack.

IMG_7748The Birth of the World

IMG_7751The Face of Yearning

IMG_7839Striving for Greatness

22519395_10155261569941026_6200497388229202377_n[1]Seeker of Wisdom

22449869_10155261628176026_3495682159635954734_n[1]First Breath

22549780_10155271983131026_334684849532132812_n[1]Checking his new self out in the mirror


22549844_10155278633536026_5162846343746027898_n[1]One Small Step for Frogkind (First time out of the water)

23244283_10155323143716026_281293673800856416_n[1]Living the Dream




8 thoughts on “The Frog Chronicles

    • maine, we’re in the midst of a heated family discussion about this. I want to keep them as pets, my wife wants to put them back in the pond where they were born, and my son changes his mind between the two from day to day. I’m against the pond idea because I doubt the frog or his brother (who persists in staying a tadpole, now obese from free food and little exercise) would last ten minutes in the pond before becoming a snack for the birds. Plus it’s becoming pretty cold, so it would be a shock for these indoor, temp-controlled creatures to suddenly be plunged into icy waters. Maybe.

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