First Amazon Review

Although in the broader scheme of things, this is but a blip on the screen, and certainly not a momentous event for all you seasoned Indie writers, but I confess a trill of pleasure at receiving my first reader review on Amazon today:

A great story, hard to put down, with a wonderful message about what’s most important in how we live our lives…

It’s also interesting to see one’s 430 page novel, in which one has attempted to align and lightheartedly compare the ethos of the present and foundational manifestations of “America,” by way of a handsome, good-hearted agoraphobic, called Adam Green, accused of witchcraft, and his spunky, no-bullshit-taking little sister, called Daisy Green, also subject to all manner of dangers and perilous excitement (including a thrilling cave adventure concluding with imprisonment by a demented animal skinner whose skin has been turned to a “fish-colored mold” due to his experiments with brain-tan solution), summarized so neatly and incisively in a single sentence.

The Language of Bears, described elsewhere as a “smart, literate, odd, and skillfully written tour de force” (Kirkus Reviews) continues to be on sale, in its Kindle version, for a mere, approximate 75p in the UK (that’s 99 cents in American money) for a couple more days, and more generally about the planet for a somewhat higher but still economical price.

Have a nice day!

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