Is the Author a Socialist Pig?

A quick post as I dart off for my two-hour commute to work. My novel, The Language of Bears, might, to the very limited extent such things can be objectively evaluated, suck big time. Or it might, on the other hand, be a masterpiece. I’d imagine that it falls somewhere in between, hopefully closer to the latter than the former.

I suspect, however, that given specific biting, slightly veiled references in the text to the current American president (“make Arcadia great again!”) and certain passages that don’t characterize socialism as a satanic conspiracy to enslave humanity, and even a subplot involving sensible limits on gun ownership, and a broader subtext that suggests that continued free exploitation of fossil fuels might not be the best plan for the future of our species if we wish to continue staying alive on our beautiful blue-green planet, my book would be received more favorably by the Bernie Sanders crowd than Donald Trump cultists.

I’m cool with that.


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