Cover For New Novel

I was able to fiddle around with Canva on the train home last night and produced what will possibly be the book cover for my second novel, The Rabbit Skinners.

the rabbit skinners cover 4

In all likelihood, I’ll put this book up for sale on Amazon soon. While I’ve gotten some bites from the literary agent world for this book, no solid offers have come through and my endless querying is feeling far too much like the pathetic attempts of K. to enter the Castle in Kafka’s The Castle.

The book is about a disabled FBI agent, James Strait, who pursues an independent and probably illegal investigation into a child’s disappearence in his rural hometown. Along with the struggle of the protagonist navigating a gaunlet of physical and psychological perils, the novel’s central concern is racism.

The essentials of the novel can be captured in the query letter I’ve used, which reads as follows:

Dear ___________________:

I am writing with the hope that you will represent my literary thriller novel, THE RABBIT SKINNERS, complete at 109,000 words. I am saddened that the recent violence by racists in Charlottesville has made my novel more relevant.

After Herculean FBI agent James Strait, hailed as a national hero for stopping a terrorist attack, has his life devastated by a rare disease, he is forced into a life of disability. Until a child asks him to use his skills to find her missing friend.

Nine-year-old Jophia Williams vanishes on a lonely country road, leaving behind only a blood-soaked dress and a headless teddy bear. Strait discovers the “murder” scene was faked and that other African-American children have also gone missing. As he chases down clues revealing an underworld of violent alt-right fanatics in his hometown, he needs to fight people who will go to any length to stop him, including an incompetent police chief, his conniving superiors at the FBI, and a mysterious stranger on a motorcycle who keeps trying to kill him.

To find Jophia, Strait must also contend with the horrors of his disease and demons from his past. Can he win the race against time to rescue her? Can he save himself?

My short fiction has appeared in publications such as Adirondack Review, Tower of Babel, and Amarillo Bay, and I independently published my first novel, a seriocomic literary historical fantasy called The Language of Bears. While The Rabbit Skinners is not a “disease book,” the protagonist’s Meniere’s disease supplies a major catalyst for his actions. I have drawn on my personal experiences with Meniere’s to describe his struggles with it.

Thank you for your time and consideration,




And this is still on sale!



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