Fabulous, Stunning, Historically Unparallelled New Years Kindle Sale!

Friends, Neighbors!, Countrymen! Sowers of Seeds! Breathers of Bittermelon! Partakers of Particulates!

You will soon be able to purchase my novel, The Language of Bears, for ONLY 99 f$%#ing CENTS! American currency! via Amazon.com! That’s actually less than a dollar! One cent less!

Kirkus Reviews described The Language of Bears as “Witty, serious, and original, this stunning tale should attract anyone who delights in an intellectually stimulating read.”

Goodman Isaiah over at MI Reviews described it as hitting “almost every single one of my wants when it comes to a fiction book and then some. Who knew I needed pig brains and apple juice to be happy?”


8830988386334[1]Tired of dealing with your family during the holidays? Why not avoid them by hiding in the toilet and enjoying the start of the New Year with a unique seriocomic literary historical suspense mystery fantasy about displaced New England Puritans that features deformed people and talking pigs!

This mindblowing 99 cents sale will run from December 31 to January 7th. We thank you for your patronage!


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