Yes, friends, you read that right. For a LIMITED TIME ONLY, you can get a FREE IMAGINARY PET CHICKEN! What on Earth, I can hear your thoughts frothing up from the digital distance, would I want with a bloody imaginary pet chicken? Well, I’ll tell you! Here are some benefits to having an IMAGINARY PET CHICKEN.

1. You don’t need to feed it.

2. You can use it as a conversation piece at your next barbecue.

3. You can cuddle with it during those long, lonely nights in the psych unit after your friends from the barbecue have you committed (see number 2).

4. Depending on how you imagine it, it’s darned cute.

5. If you’re a vegetarian, you can still eat it, because it’s not real.

Now that you can see the benefits to owning your very own IMAGINARY PET CHICKEN, you are probably saying, “I really want to obtain one of these COMPLETELY FREE IMAGINARY PET CHICKENS. But…HOW?”

Well, friends, I’ll tell you how. For a limited time only, from December 31th, 2017 to January 7, 2018, with every purchase of the Kindle version of my novel The Language of Bears, you will receive an IMAGINARY PET CHICKEN, at absolutely no extra cost!

If that weren’t astonishing enough, there’s more! Because the Kindle version of The Language of Bears is for sale during this limited time, via Amazon U.S., for ONLY 99 cents!

What a deal!

“Witty, serious, and original, this stunning tale should attract anyone who delights in an intellectually stimulating read.” – Kirkus Reviews



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