My Second Novel is now for sale on Amazon

The Kindle version of my second novel, entitled The Rabbit Skinners, is now available on Amazon. I have also submitted the paperback version, which I’m given to understand will be available too within the next 12 hours.

The Rabbit Skinners is a very different book than my first novel, The Language of Bears (which I have been flogging relentlessly on this blog, sorry!). For one thing, they have different titles. And covers.

Also, The Language of Bears is a somewhat odd work. Identifying its genre as a “seriocomic upmarket literary paranormal historical fantasy” is entirely accurate, and I believe this genre, while underused, is still perfectly legitimate. The Rabbit Skinners, on the other hand, fits more neatly into a recognizable category of literature. It’s a goddamned mystery-suspense book!

I’d like to think I’ve injected “literary” elements and wordsmithing that render it more redeemable than those interchangable, soul-sucking, two-dimensional works clogging airport bookstore shelves and selling in the billions and making their “authors” as rich as some small nations (I intend no criticism!) and I have had no choice but to introduce quirks and oddities that are, I imagine, specifically identifiable with my previous writing (for good or ill!).

Anyway, I hope that if you read it, it will bring you some comfort! Laughter! Tears! Rage!

2 thoughts on “My Second Novel is now for sale on Amazon

  1. Thanks, Steve! These are nice words to read! I tried to purchase your poetry book the other day, but as it was only Kindle version from Australia Amazon, I couldn’t. Please release a paperback copy so I can purchase it!


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