Another Soothing Review

Midwest Book Review, an organization “committed to promoting literacy, library usage, and small press publishing,” sent me a draft copy of a review they wrote of my novel, The Language of Bears. The review, which is very positive, will appear (if I understand correctly) next month in one of their publications, MBR Bookwatch. I’m given to understand I can now share “pull-out quotes” of the draft.

So, D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review had these things to say about my novel:

“The Language of Bears may be difficult to easily categorize, with its blend of literary perspective, philosophical and spiritual insight, and a degree of intellectualism not ordinarily seen in fiction; but readers who enjoy all these elements are in for a rare treat.”

“John Eidswick’s attention to detail is just one example of the kind of approach and perspective that keeps readers delightfully intrigued as this thought-provoking story evolves.”

“Characters are well-drawn and wonderfully rich in detail, dialogue and plot progression are powerfully depicted.”

“The Language of Bears is delightfully original and satisfyingly unpredictable: highly recommended reading not for those who look for superficial action, but for readers who delight in finding an original voice that excels in alternative history and unique perspectives.”

My thanks to D. Donovan for taking the time to give my novel a careful reading and for providing a well-written, professional, insightful, honest review.


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