Friday Zany Photo Caption Writing Prompt and Caption Share!

I came across this photo as I was, for no good reason, slogging through a series of click-bait pictures that appeared in some feed or other this morning (drinking coffee, eating whitebread) titled “THESE PHOTOS HAVE NOT BEEN EDITED!” What a waste of time.

But this photograph stood out as intriguing, not just because of odd appearence of the man, but of the configuration of the man and woman, which hinted at some kind or relationship between them outside the confines of a posed picture. The expressions on their faces could be taken as both angry or playful. Are they fighting? Messing around? What is their relationship? How do they feel toward each other? Why is the man wearing such peculiar undergarments, and nothing else?

The photo seemed to convey through a frozen instant a story much deeper and lengthier than its superficial elements.

If you have ideas for 1) a caption or 2) a story outline for the figures in the lovely picture, please share them!



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