I have been off-blog for the past week for two reasons. One, my life has been absorbed by semester-end administrative tasks. Two, I received the following Amazon customer review for The Rabbit Skinners:

This story is compelling and well constructed. Toward the end the author confused a few details but the intent was easily discerned. I highly recommend this book.

The nice things she wrote were decimated entirely in my neuron-challenged brain by the bit Toward the end the author confused a few details. Confused? Wha-? Which details? So I spent the few short, spare moments (and they truly have been short and spare) poring through every page of my (second) novel again trying to locate the “few details” I had “confused.” And I COULDN’T FIND THEM!

Rabbit skinners edit picture 2

The reread was helpful because I did find quite a few small errors I could fix (missing end-quotation marks were especially numerous–horror!) and could also improve the book in about fifty parts with various tweaks. I added some sentences here and there to clarify structural links in the text that were perhaps insufficiently obvious. BUT I STILL COULDN’T FIND THE DETAILS I CONFUSED AT THE END!

Rabbit skinners edit picture

Dog-eared from Editing

I guess I need to read it yet again to search even more carefully. I hope I can find the details the reviewer was referring to. I won’t be able to sleep well until I do.

If you happen to be one of the three or four intrepid souls who have actually read my book, it would be wonderful if you could point out these details, so I can fix them in the service of providing an excellent literary product!


“The Rabbit Skinners embraces themes of good and evil, courage and fear, prejudice and love, and an unexpected touch of romance. Mystery readers will find it a compelling read from beginning to end.” Midwest Book Review






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