Midwest Book Review of The Rabbit Skinners Published Today

I was pleased to receive notice this morning that the (very favorable) review of my second novel, The Rabbit Skinners, was published today in Midwest Book Review.

The Rabbit Skinners
John Eidswick
Independently Published
9781976755149 $12.99 Print/$4.99 Kindle

“FBI agent James Strait was once deemed a hero for uncovering and stopping a terrorist attack. Sidelined by a rare disease and facing a life of disability, the heyday of his accomplishments seems to be over – or, is it?

When a nine-year-old vanishes on a lonely country road and her best friend entreats him to find her, James can’t turn his back on her pleading, even if his spirit and body are broken. And so he undertakes a task that initially seems far less demanding than his higher-profile terrorist encounters of the past; but which soon proves that he’s neither lost his skills nor faces a dilemma with any easy resolution.

His investigation places him at odds with racists in his own hometown. It tears apart everything he knows and values in his life, and it ultimately involves a battle with his past, authorities in charge, and his own disability.

Having a mystery powered by a former career investigator sidelined by his physical demise adds an extra dimension to proceedings which gives the story line an added dose of personality and compelling attraction. James isn’t just fighting a criminal element; he’s battling his own restrictions and past – and these facets meld with an overall compelling saga filled with satisfying twists and turns of plot throughout.

James thought that having this diversion would be therapeutic for him, after so many medical challenges. He’s being forced out of the FBI, so his efforts in this arena could bring him renewed self-worth and confirm that his ability hasn’t paled. But as events unfold and he begins to believe the wrong man has been fingered for kidnapping the girl, he finds himself on a deadly road to face a bigger perp than he’d initially envisioned.

Part of what makes The Rabbit Skinners more than a one-dimensional mystery surrounding a kidnapped child is that John Eidswick takes the time to explore small town relationships, from infidelity and dubious friendships to the social and political connections that make or break a small town’s people.

James doesn’t operate in a vacuum, and the atmosphere and special interests of a wide range of characters contribute to a compelling and intriguing story of why several children become mired in adult affairs. Even more compelling is the story of how he deals with his disability and changed status with the FBI and how life events dovetail neatly with his ability or inability to recognize the clues that could solve both the mystery and his own dilemmas.

Tense, revealing, and replete with different characters’ special interests and evolution, The Rabbit Skinners embraces themes of good and evil, courage and fear, prejudice and love, and an unexpected touch of romance. Mystery readers will find it a compelling read from beginning to end.”

– D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review








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