Reading Makes Your Head Big

This info from my reading son, aged 10.



FBI agent James Strait, hailed as a national hero for stopping a major terrorist attack, is devastated by a rare disease and forced into disability. Until a child asks him to use his skills to find her missing friend.

Nine-year-old Jophia Williams vanishes on a lonely country road, leaving behind only a blood-soaked dress and a headless teddy bear. Strait discovers the “murder” scene was faked and that other African-American children have also gone missing. As he chases down clues revealing an underworld of violent alt-right fanatics in his hometown, he needs to fight people who will go to any length to stop him, including an incompetent police chief, his conniving superiors at the FBI, and a mysterious stranger on a motorcycle who keeps trying to kill him.

To find Jophia, Strait must also contend with the horrors of his disease and demons from his past. Can he win the race against time to rescue her? Can he save himself?


9 thoughts on “Reading Makes Your Head Big

  1. Hello! Thank you for the follow! Always good to find some fellow readers on the interwebs :). Also, i have never seen a more accurate depiction of how reading expands the mind! Looking forward to explore more of your content. Happy Blogging! 🙂

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  2. oooh this sounds intriguing … well done you! Love a writer with good ideas … sounds even better than Marcella which we are watching but which is somewhat drawn out now!!

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  3. Hello! I’m happy to find you following Little Banyan tree. Surrounded by young people wanting to read something worthwhile and new, your work particularly interests me. Your son though, interests me even more 🙂

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  4. I used to make that joke to my college students: Imagine if your head expanded commiserately with your level of education: We’d be able to look at each other and say, “Well, she clearly has a PhD.” Instead our minds and the pathways within grow more complex and sophisticated as we allow knowledge to expand our consciousness. Love your illustration and the idea of this physical enhancement. Thank you for sharing the charming image, too.

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