Now THIS is the deal of a lifetime! Starting tomorrow, and continuing for SEVEN WHOLE DAYS, you can purchase my mystery-suspense novel The Rabbit Skinners FOR ONLY 99 AMERICAN CENTS!!

It’s that Kindle Countdown Deal joint.

Plus! And this is the most astounding and generous part! With every purchase, YOU GET ONE FREE HEART, BRAIN, or COURAGE!*

Are you afflicted, as was the Tin Man, with the lack of a heart? Or might you be one of those unfortunates like the Scarecrow who has no brain? Or is it possible that you, like the pathetic Cowardly Lion (who for some reason was inexplicably allowed to sing two solo songs, unlike Dorothy’s other two Yellow Brick Road minions, who were permitted only one; the second song the Cowardly Lion sang, BTW, was the excretable “If I were King of the Forest,” which was, with Bert Lahr’s grating, warbling voice and irritating lion persona with that goddamned puppeteered lashing tail, literally torture to sit through), someone with no courage?

Well, NO PROBLEM! Because all you need to do is purchase my novel The Rabbit Skinners (Kindle version on only, sorry to my UK friends), which for the next SEVEN WHOLE COMPLETE DAYS (April 4-April 11) is on sale for the vertiginously, scandalously, preposterously, pathetically, oleaginously low price of ONLY 99 cents!


Just remember that, in the wise words of Dewey Bunnell of the band America, Oz never did give nothing to the Tin Man that he didn’t already have.

*Only while supplies last! For entertainment purposes only! Hearts, Brains, and Courages provided only by way of pointing out that recipients already have them, and so they are “already given”!


“Eidswick (The Language of Bears, 2017) portrays his protagonist with great depth; James Strait is a stoical combination of grit and emotional vulnerability. In addition, the author artfully raises provocative questions about the fraught relationship between race and institutional power. Finally, there’s plenty of gripping action here, cinematically depicted.” – Kirkus Reviews

“The Rabbit Skinners embraces themes of good and evil, courage and fear, prejudice and love, and an unexpected touch of romance. Mystery readers will find it a compelling read from beginning to end.” –D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review


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