Playing through the pain.

A post from a friend, author Paul Mosier, about his astonishing 9-year-old daughter Harmony, who passed away recently from a rare form of childhood cancer. I have followed Harmony’s journey from afar, affected deeply by the bravery of this remarkable girl and her incredible family. My son is the same age as Harmony was (typing “was” here seems somehow profane) and I can’t imagine I’d be anything near as steadfast and positive as has been Paul and his wife over these past two years if I were in the same situation. I am both humbled and inspired by their example. One way Harmony Mosier has affected me is that I am no longer capable of having a bad day.


In February of 2016, a sudden overbite in the mouth of my beautiful 7 year old daughter, Harmony, led to a diagnosis of Rhabdomyosarcoma, a cancer which strikes 5 children per million. 27 months later, Harmony’s bed is empty.

While Harmony was still in the hospital with her initial diagnosis, I pitched the idea for the second book of my contract with HarperCollins to be a novel informed by Harmony’s experience, and the experience of our family. My editor agreed, so long as the novel was from the point of view of the cancer fighter’s older sister. So I began work on the novel that would become Echo’s Sister. I wrote ahead of our actual experience, and the novel ends six months into Echo’s battle. I hoped I would be done with it– cancer and the book. Writing it was a good way to process what we experienced as a…

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2 thoughts on “Playing through the pain.

  1. It’s heart-wrenching to watch just about anyone going through cancer. When it’s a child, the pain burrows through your soul and sits there. It’s very sad! Read the original post. It’s a fitting tribute to the brave girl.


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