Meiling Colorado Discusses Her New Novel, Aftermath

Engaging interview at Virtual Napkins with indie author Meiling Colorado about her new novel Aftermath, which deals with two of my favorite themes: environmentalism (permaculture) and the collapse of civilization.

Virtual Napkins

Welcome to another very special installment of Virtual Napkins. This week, we will be chatting with author Meiling Colorado whose novel, Aftermath, has just been released by GenZ Publishing. Full disclosure, Meiling and I are published by the same publisher, which is how we met one another. She is an incredibly interesting person, though, and I am excited to have her here to chat with me a bit about her new novel.

Shane Wilson (SW): I want to start by welcoming Meiling Colorado into the conversation. How are things where you are in the world, Meiling?

Meiling Colorado (MC): Thank you, Shane, I appreciate the opportunity. I feel we are pretty lucky on this side of the world, actually. I live in Spain, on an island in the middle of the Mediterranean, Mallorca. Beautiful weather and, while we are in flux like the rest of the world is…

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