Intolerance on Goodreads

“Intolerance is no longer in style.” Or shouldn’t be. The only intolerance we should accept is intolerance of bigots.

Library of Amy

Today’s post is going to be a little different from the norm.

I’m writing this because within the last week, I have come across several reviews on Goodreads, particularly for the book Renegades by Marissa Meyer, that have been blatantly homophobic. One person either deleted their review or I’ve somehow been blocked from seeing it, but the other one I’ve seen can be found here.

Side note:Even if you find these reviews as disgusting and inappropriate as I do, I plead with you to not send any sort of hate to these individuals. Though I definitely encourage you to stand up for yourself or engage in the conversation, I am not providing a link to their review as a means to harass the individual who wrote it.

Both of these reviews claim their homophobia as an “opinion”, as well as a reflection of their religion. I call bullshit…

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