Yellow Foaming Hair from Planet Xzpertyl on your Favorite Mantlepiece!

Following multiple rather fervent suggestions from acquaintances who know a lot more about this stuff than I do, I registered (?) my action-packed, tear-jerking mystery novel The Rabbit Skinners for a “Goodreads Giveaway.” My understanding (sic) of the process is that individuals interested in obtaining the (Kindle e-version) of my novel for free can enter a contest on the Goodreads website, from June 26 to July 9, at

It’s simple and costs nothing to enter. I just tried it and it takes about ten seconds. Although it rejected my entry because I live in Japan. You must live in America to win.

Goodreads uses its fancy-pants algorithms to select the winners. A hundred books will be sent to the lucky entrants (I mean, one copy of the book will be sent to each of a hundred winners, not a hundred books will be sent to each winner, which would be redundant and wasteful). Eight weeks after receiving my book, you’ll be encouraged (if you win) in an email from Goodreads to leave a review, but you are not required to.

ALSO, for all hundred winners, I will personally throw in a FREE clump of Yellow Foaming Hair from Planet Xzpertyl that you can place on your Favorite Mantlepiece!*

*available only while supplies last, completely imaginary.

Speaking of customer reviews, I received a new one yesterday, from a lovely woman named Sally:

Wow! Well, this book was just totally amazing! It takes you on a journey of modern day prejudices in a way you least expect! I wanted to cry, not true, I did cry! There were characters I definitely wanted to hit! I suppose I am not giving away the story line at all. Just saying worth every minute you read and you will want to rate it higher than a 5 star believe me!

Sally knows her stuff!







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