What an Ostentatious Insect!

8C1FE931-86E2-48E9-A4EA-8BA6BD8F6BE2I found this creature on my driveway this morning. With his bright spots and come-hither antennae, he was fairly howling at me to take a photo. But…what is this bug? I’ve never seen the one like it before.

Update 6/30:

I showed the picture to my son this morning, and he said, “Oh, yeah, I saw that. It was next to Mama’s bicycle. It’s a カミキリ虫” (kamikiri mushi, “paper-cutting insect”).

10 thoughts on “What an Ostentatious Insect!

  1. Wow, you are both officially beetle experts. I looked these two beetles up and they seem quite similar in appearance, so it could be either. A species called a “Japanese sawyer beetle” dos exist, but then again it could be an Asian longhorned beetle, given I live in Asia. Whatever it is, it seems to think highly of itself.


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