I swear, our country has degenerated into a wasteland of goggle-eyed, panting Alex Jones drones and mindless MAGA minions. The internet has engendered a millions-strong herd of fast food-nourished baby-men who fill their brain-pans with the fantasy they are “soldiers” in an end-times battle between themselves and A HRC-LED CABAL OF DEMOCRAT PEDOPHILES SELLING CHILDREN THROUGH PIZZA SHOPS.

Didn’t used to be this way. In the America of my youth, the craziest popular notions were to do with demon-possession of teenaged girls, nothing a good exorcism couldn’t fix. Dems and GOPers had their differences, but cooperation was certainly possible and was recognized as essential on both sides. Ronald Reagan’s cynical, mathematically-challenged policies led to legions of homeless appearing on the streets of the nation and his hypocritical views on “(never) dealing with terrorists” led to the Iran-Contra scandal and the enabling of vicious right-wing death squads in South America, but OH how I miss him now! If Reagan were around now, today’s mainstream Republicans (read: tea-partyers and MAGAers) would see his fiscal and social views as closer to Obama’s than to theirs and he would regard them as kindred to fringe loonytunes characters of his day, such as the John Birchers.

I didn’t like Reagan, but he never would have sided with a KGB dictator on live TV over his own intelligence agencies. Reagan would have called that behavior treason.

None of this troubles me in the slightest. I’m fine. Everything is just…wonderful.

When I hear this gibberish about QAnon, I just play Q*bert.



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