I’m sorry, Teri Garr!


I experienced a technicolor dream last night wherein actress Teri Garr sat down in the seat next to me on a bus trip across Japan, but I mistook her for actress Ellen Barkin. I complimented Ms. Garr on her fine acting in Diner.

“Um, I wasn’t in Diner.”

“Are you sure?”

“Of course I’m sure. That contemptible bitch Ellen Barkin, who ruined my life, by the way, was in Diner.”

“Oh, right. I always hated her. But you were great in Tender Mercies.”

The dream went downhill from there.


In other Teri Garr-related news, you have a mere six days remaining to enter the super-duper Goodreads Sweepstakes to win a free copy of my gripping, acclaimed novel The Rabbit Skinners, soon to be reviewed by none other than the incisive Teri Garr herself, unless it isn’t.





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