Oh, sorry, you can disregard that end-of-the-world announcement. I wrote a title for a post intended for my private Urgent Apocalypse Dispatches (very private) group, my bad.

For this post, I intended to write LAST FOUR DAYS OF GOODREADS GIVEAWAY! the relevant information about which is as follows:

I’m giving away 100 copies of my mystery-suspense novel THE RABBIT SKINNERS. Enter now for your chance to win a Kindle version of the book about which Kirkus Reviews said, “Eidswick portrays his protagonist with great depth; Strait is a stoical combination of grit and emotional vulnerability. In addition, the author artfully raises provocative questions about the fraught relationship between race and institutional power. Finally, there’s plenty of gripping action here, cinematically depicted.”

Other praise for The Rabbit Skinners:

“Part of what makes The Rabbit Skinners more than a one-dimensional mystery surrounding a kidnapped child is that John Eidswick takes the time to explore small town relationships, from infidelity and dubious friendships to the social and political connections that make or break a small town’s people. Mystery readers will find it a compelling read from beginning to end.” – Midwest Book Review

Customer reviews:
“The most exciting, mysterious & thought provoking book I’ve read so far this year.”

“Rabbit Skinners is one of the best books I have read in awhile.”

“Wow! Well, this book was just totally amazing! Worth every minute you read and you will want to rate it higher than a 5 star, believe me!”

What it’s about!

Herculean FBI agent James Strait, hailed as a national hero for stopping a terrorist attack, is forced into a life of disability by a rare disease. Until a child asks him to use his skills to find her missing friend.

Nine-year-old Jophia Williams vanishes on a lonely country road, leaving behind only a headless teddy bear. Strait discovers other African-American children have also gone missing. As he chases down clues revealing an underworld of violent racists in his hometown, he needs to fight people who will go to any length to stop him, including an incompetent police chief, his conniving superiors at the FBI, and a mysterious stranger on a motorcycle who keeps trying to kill him.

Strait must also contend with the horrors of his disease and demons from his past. Can he win the race against time to rescue the children? Can he save himself?



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