What Boys Do In JAPAN

What do boys do in Japan during the summer? They collect and raise giant beetles, that’s what they do.

The pet shop near our house sells a huge range of stag beetles (kuwagata) and rhinoceros beetles (kabuto mushi), along with many products to care for them as pets. One especially rare speciman had a price of 10,000 yen (about a hundred American dollars). My son (after begging me into acquiescence) got these two, a male and female, for about ten dollars.




6 thoughts on “What Boys Do In JAPAN

    • Jane, I didn’t know their names so I asked my son tonight. He said the male is called “Amaembou” which means someone who is very affectionate, or a child who can’t stop hugging his mother. The female is named (I kid you not) “Fast Love” because she and Amaembou hooked up within moments of being released from their separate boxes they were transported in from the pet shop.

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  1. My wife used to work for a nature center who gave away Madagascar Cockroaches to any kid that wanted one. They even wrote a punk song about them and sang it at all of their events.


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