Incomprehensible Act of Violence

Maybe I’ve lived away from the U.S. for too long, but I can’t even begin to puzzle out how one’s reaction to someone tapping on his car window would be this.

Can someone explain this to me so it makes sense?

I’d be more inclined to roll down the window and ask the guy (politely, even) what he wanted. Getting out and punching him to death would be pretty much the last thing I would do. But I do recall two incidents, many years back, where in America I experienced similarly explosive responses that occurred in response to completely imagined slights. One guy actually threatened to kill me because he thought I had touched his car (I hadn’t) as I walked past on the crosswalk.

“Did you touch my car?”


“Did you fucking touch my car?”

“Um, no.”

“If you touched my car, I’m going to fucking kill you.”

”I didn’t touch your car.”

“Well, you better fucking not.”


True story.

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