Or maybe just screaming. Or laughing. Hard to know, really, judging only by the photograph (below, credit: Wikipedia). But whatever his affective state, he remains AN ADORABLE ICON FROM MY CHILDHOOD WHO MADE ME, sort of, WHAT I AM TODAY! Sometimes when I’m feeling blue and despondent, Kermit’s inspiring hit song, The Rainbow Connection, enters my head. I instantly feel uplifted and return to being the gamboling, devil-may-care chap (some) people know me as.


Thanks, Kermit!

Speaking of adorable icons, TODAY IS THE LAST DAY to enter the Goodreads Giveaway of my critically-heralded mystery-suspense novel The Rabbit Skinners. I’m giving away a hundred free copies of the Kindle version, the winners to be announced in a mere 24 hours. Even within this slender time frame, you can still win! All that is needed is two “clicks,” performed with your favored finger, the first on the link below, the second on the “button” labeled “Enter Giveaway.”

Although rumored to be an avid reader of crime novels, Kermit has been curiously silent about my book, although I suspect he is relieved I didn’t go with the original working title The Frog Skinners.

More about my book can be found here:

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