Not Brain Surgery

What in heaven’s name is a “perjury trap”? I guess it’s a situation where you receive a question under oath that might prompt a dishonest answer? Since this is potentially true of any question, wouldn’t a “perjury trap” more straightforwardly be called a “question”?

It goes without saying that, for one with nothing to hide, a “perjury trap” is entirely avoidable by simply telling the truth.

7 thoughts on “Not Brain Surgery

  1. More concretely, when he refers to the danger of a “perjury trap,” in all likelihood what Giuliani has in mind is this: a question whose two options for a response are 1) tell the truth that you violated the law or 2) lie and say you didn’t (perjury). Since Mueller already has plenty of evidence demonstrating Trump has violated the law, the “trap” here is that Trump, being Trump, might well attempt to lie, which will make him guilty not only of the original crime but also of perjury (perjury is what Clinton was impeached for by the Republicans). It is very telling that Giuliani says Trump is willing to be interviewed only if no questions are asked about obstruction of justice (a laughable condition to demand; it would be like O.J. Simpson in 1994 saying “I’ll agree to be questioned under oath but only on the condition that no questions are asked about Nicole Simpson”). Giuliani knows Mueller almost certainly already has Trump dead to rights for this charge. The bottom line is Trump probably will never submit to an interview because he is guilty and doesn’t want to be forced to admit it or to perjure himself.


  2. Bill Clinton should have paid attention at law school. He walked into it with open eyes. It almost costed him his presidency and lawyer’s license. As an accused he wasn’t even obliged to testify and his lawyers strongly objected, but he couldn’t resist the temptation to grandstand.


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