FINAL DAY to pay criminally low price of 99 cents!

Today’s the absolute no-bones-about-it last day to practically steal my crime novel (with some mystery and suspense and thrills and romance and bathos tossed in, lots of action too) The Rabbit Skinners by paying a criminally low price of a mere 99 cents. After which it goes back to its usual feloniously low price of 2.99, which is still highway robbery, if you want my opinion.

Hell, the pixels alone cost, like, 10 cents a pixel. There must be at least a trillion of them related to this product. And these are not your ordinary, run-of-the-mill pixels either, but the highest quality of pixels. No dregsy, low-class raster graphics for my readers, that’s my motto.

The book would be properly priced at 10 trillion cents (min.), but I’m in a generous mood, so you can have it for 99. Knock yourself out. But only today. Guys like me? We’re only generous to a point, understand?


“Move over Aron Hotchner, Donald Ressler, Clarice Starling, and William Gram and make room for James Strait in The Rabbit Skinners.” – Sefina Hawke, Readers’ Favorite


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