New Facebook Author Page

Okay, so I set up this Facebook Author Page.

I’m given to understand I am to encourage people to “like” this page. So, please, um, “like” it. Even if you don’t like it.

My motivations for setting up this page are obscure even to me. I have encountered about a billion references from people who know more than I do that it is de rigueur for a self-published author to possess a Facebook author’s page, but I’m not sure if this is true or even what de rigueur means. I also don’t see any tangible benefit to having such a Facebook page, except if the benefit, by providing more privacy nodes to farm, is to Facebook. Yet I still gave in. I don’t know why.


3 thoughts on “New Facebook Author Page

  1. Hi John, I liked your page. I, too, have an author page where I automatically post all of my blog posts. But I have been shy about promoting it. I think everyone I know has heard at some point that I write a blog, and I figure if they want to follow, they will. After more than a year, I have 9 likes. I really don’t get the point. But I don’t really understand twitter either. Really, I’m too antisocial for social media.

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