New Review for The Rabbit Skinners: Superior to Jack Reacher?

The Rabbit Skinners by John Eidswick is fully comparable and sometimes superior to any Jack Reacher or Lucas Davenport novel on the market. Such comparison is meant to convey just how good this book is. Besides the meticulously satisfying plot (more on that later,) this deftly-paced mystery thriller checks every box included in the mythical Writer’s Guide to Writing. Namely, dialogue is pitched so finely tuned that one actually hears the characters speaking; these characters themselves are so well sketched, one thinks he must have met them somewhere before; and the myriad tiny details necessary to establish place are so lavishly but unobtrusively sprinkled throughout that one feels (and hears, and smells) himself to be fully there in person. And all of this precision writing skill is devoted to telling a marvelously plotted story about a 9-year-old missing girl.

“Like both Reacher and Davenport, James Strait, lead character and FBI agent-on-hold, is a BIG man in John Eidswick’s The Rabbit Skinners. Unlike his uber-healthy predecessors in this popular genre, however, Strait suffers from debilitating bouts of Ménière’s disease, as well as some lingering guilt from a previous raid gone wrong. In one of life’s mysterious synchronicities, Strait’s search for the missing child resonates much too strongly with the case of another child he could not save. This time, he does not mean to fail. A twisting but logical plot line moves Strait among an intriguing cast of people, places, and potentially fatal situations, making this book a truly exciting and highly enjoyable read.” – Joel R. Dennstedt, Readers’ Favorite

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