“He was smart, flashy, and unflappable—and making Derek the most famous racist in the world was the project of Don’s life.

That all started to fall apart after Derek spent a few years at the notoriously liberal—but also good and cheap—New College of Florida in Sarasota. Once he was outed and ostracized on a school-wide list-serve, a group of students made it their mission to invite him to a weekly Shabbat dinner.”



  1. We’re living through an era where people are unable to achieve redemption. I think this is new in my lifetime. Quoting George W. Bush “When I was young and irresponsible, I was young and irresponsible.” And he got a pass. I cringe to think that someday someone will come out and say “Let me tell you what Jeff did in the Eighties.” Those things I can’t undo, but I try to live my life now in a way that makes me proud. Many of these of the things people did/do are unforgivable (including me) but at some point we have to concede that this just is no longer the same person. Does this earn a bye? I can’t say. Derek has done an unimaginable amount of harm in this world, and I don’t know if he can ever do enough good to balance things out. I’m going to read this book. Thanks for profiling it.


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