2 thoughts on “THINK

  1. If you’re referring here to an incident that happened in 1981 between two teenagers, my opinion on this issue is that it reeks after political agenda’s rather than a victim of sexual harassment who wants to exercise her rights for retribution and acknowledgment. It’s Bill Clinton all over again with this time the liberal opposition abusing the judicial to paralyze an administration. Not that I have any sympathy for the current US administration, but political agendas shouldn’t be fought in the courthouse under false pretexts.


  2. Obviously it’s being used as a chess move in a very ugly partisan game. This possibly is unrelated to the actual claims of Blasey (https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2018/09/christine-blasey-ford-brett-kavanaugh-accusation-timing.html), who might well have chosen to be silent and then go public for perfectly justifiable reasons. I think it’s troubling that dirty tricks have become the essential (only) operating feature of American politics instead of civilized, reasoned discourse that ought to characterize a heathful democratic republic. But Republicans shouldn’t be surprised if Democrats fight dirty. The GOP made fighting dirty part of its DNA back in the Reagan era (to say nothing of Nixon!) and has since steadily tossed away every scintilla of what decency remained afterwards. Seriously, what are the Dems supposed to do? The Republicans threw away the rules, so Democrats either lose and behave just as disgustingly as Republicans. The Republicans have tried to railroad the Kavanaugh nomination through without anything like proper vetting. They have no right to whine when someone throws a boulder on the tracks.

    None of this ultimately has relevance to the posted meme, whose message is in my view uncontroversially correct.


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