Staff at an elementary school in Idaho donned “Mexican” costumes and built a “wall” with Make America Great written on it and imagined bald eagles are blue.

And, completely unrelated…

7 thoughts on “MAGA!

  1. And they are in charge of the education of our next generation. On the other hand, it is Idaho, one of the most racist states in America. Oh, who am I kidding. They ALL are becoming the most racist state in America. That is what we should be called. 😦 Every day it is something new and similar. I’m so ashamed.

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  2. This news story solidified my growing belief that the republicans are going to mop-up in this election. People like to be racist. I’m sure these teachers and millions of others are groaning that opposition to their racist stunt is “political correctness.”

    It’s so satisfying to point a finger at someone else. Trump has done a great job at making sure that someone is Latinos. Latinos=Bad. Democrats like Latinos. Democrats = Bad. Democracy is falling apart. My old boss used to talk about the coming revolution where the underclass would rise up against the bourgeois and the rich. Instead, were seeing the bourgeois rising up against everyone else.

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  3. I hope I’m right too! It’s worth bearing in mind that Trump’s winning the presidency was a real fluke; he barely scraped by with a few thousand votes (statistically well within random variance) in three key states that put him over in the electoral college, even though he lost the popular vote by several million. He got lucky. Without Russian interference and Comey’s announcement about HRC’s emails, he would have lost.


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