Novelists Can No Longer Afford to Be Apolitical

I met an author at a conference who said “to be good, an author (of fiction) must be subversive.” I liked the idea back then, but doubted its absoluteness. These days, I don’t. These days, when anti-democratic, pro-authoritarian forces are spreading and gathering power to extents not seen in many decades, novelists can no longer afford the luxury of being apolitical.

“The novel matters because it punches little holes in the wall of indifference that surrounds us. Novels have to swim against the tide. And this was never more clear than it is today.”

2 thoughts on “Novelists Can No Longer Afford to Be Apolitical

  1. For North America to become more democratic, the US must cease to be a country where voters realistically have only a choice between two parties. The third party vote is right now always a lost vote, and deserves to find its expression in Congress and the US administration.


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