In His Own Words

From CNN:

After touring some of the fire damage in Northern California, President Donald Trump was asked whether seeing the devastation changed his opinion on climate change.

“No, no I have a strong opinion. I want a great climate. We’re going to have that, and we are going to have that are very safe because we can’t go through this. Every year we go through this. We’re going to have safe forests and that’s happening as we speak,” he told reporters during a briefing at a command center in Chico, California.

Earlier at the center he was asked about the role of climate change in the recent California fires. He said, “Well I think we have a lot of factors. We have the management factor that I know Jerry has really been up on and very well and Gavin is going to — were going to be looking at that together.”

8 thoughts on “In His Own Words

  1. It’s a politician’s answer on a question that was coaxing him to admit something that wasn’t fitting in his ideological worldview en personal interests. Trade issues and cutting funding of terrorist states or – organizations are more in his purview.


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