The World is Now Worse Than The World According to Garp

’In 1972–75—when I was teaching at the Writers’ Workshop in Iowa City, where I began writing Garp—I was worried that the subject of sexual hatred (of intolerance of sexual minorities, and sexual differences) would be outdated before I finished the novel. In 1976–77, when I was living in Massachusetts and Vermont, where I finished Garp, it was inconceivable to me that the sexual violence I was writing about would long endure. In short, I thought sexual discrimination was too backward and too stupid to last….
Now (as of this writing) we have President Trump—a narcissistic vulgarian, a xenophobic blowhard, and a fascist bully. In October 2017, Trump’s Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, ruled that transgender citizens were not protected from workplace discrimination; Sessions argued that Title VII’s prohibition on sex discrimination “does not encompass discrimination based on gender identity per se, including transgender status.” Yes, several federal appeals courts have ruled against the Attorney General’s war on the LGBTQ community, but President Trump and the Department of Justice are clearly hostile to LGBTQ rights. What would Roberta say?’



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