When Moths Burn book cover?

I threw together these two drafts for a book cover for the sequel to The Rabbit Skinners. It/they will probably be revised, but what do you think?



When moths burn Book Cover 1

When moths burn Book cover draft 3



4 thoughts on “When Moths Burn book cover?

  1. Yes, it has a specific car in it, one that played a symbolic role (“resurrection” or regaining life against despite fantastic odds/difficulties) in the first book, which was (is) a mystery-thriller. The moth in the title is also symbolic, loss of innocence and temptation. The car does get burned and it contains some very valuable possessions as well as a live person in the second book.


  2. In short, the “moth” is inside the car, getting burned in the climax of the novel. I’m of two minds here: one, that this cover image in relation to the title will appeal to people wanting to know what this moth business is (why a car burning instead of a moth?) and 2) this cover image in relation to the title will be confusing and clunky and repellant because it’s a car burning and not a moth. Is this author so stupid he can’t tell the difference between a moth and a car?!


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