Messages from Readers

Sometime early last year I arranged to give away 20 copies of my book The Rabbit Skinners through a service called Hidden Gems and then completely forgot about it. I think the “giveaway” occurred in October, which accounts for the mysterious surge in the number of reviews I was getting in November on Amazon and Goodreads. Hidden Gems also received a bunch of personal messages sent to me by the readers, which the company passed on in an email this morning. This is what they said:

“Mr Eidswick Please Please keep writing. You are amazing. I wish I could afford to buy all of my friends your novel for Christmas. It was an incredible read and truly the best book I have read all year and I have read over 300 in 2018. I am home bound and watch no TV so I am always into a book. A suggestion…this would make an outstanding audio book.”

“I really enjoyed your book”

“Powerful read”

“The review I tried to post. ‘Wow! Could not put this book down. I could gush about this so much but am afraid I would end up giving away the end. Such a great story I had to know what would happen next. Must read! I received a free copy to review this book and give this review voluntarily.’ I had given your book 5 stars. I am very sorry that Amazon would not allow me to review this story as I loved it.”

“Loved the book !!! A great mix of an injured FBI agent being forced out of the job he loves and his wish to not be seen as a hero. Fighting a child’s request to search for her missing best friend.I loved the very current Black Lives Matter link in the story and the examples of racism still prominent around the world today, as well as an incompetent and ignorant police force who don’t know what to do to investigate a case properly. The added cases of further missing children and the unexpected reality of what has happened to them, was quite a shocking surprise. The obvious prejudice being taught was shockingly upsetting in its current use. Sorry to say I hadn’t read this yet, when your other book – The Language of Bears, was put up asking for readers – so I have missed that option, but will keep an eye out for it.”

“I would love to read more of your books. From what I read it’s very very good draws you right in.”

“Great story plot and line. Definitely had me on edge not wanting to put my phone down!! I really was shocked how it turned out in the end. Way to go and great with modern problems.”


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