On the Subject of our Bountiful Life and the Rehabilitation of War Criminals

With the approaching of the year’s-end holidays, let us pause for a moment and reflect on the bounty life has given us in 2018 and also on the curious phenomenon of, with the brief passage of time, war criminals becoming rehabilitated in the perceptions of the American citizenry.

The selling of arms to terrorists for illegally raising funds to support right-wing death squads that was “the Iran-Contra affair” is largely forgotten these days, while Reagan is held up as a grandfatherly paragon of Republican virtue. The multitude of crimes against humanity committed in the service of invading and occupying Iraq remains unpunished while the helmsman, George W. Bush, has become “the adorable old president who does portraits of dogs.” The only reason Nixon’s formerly post-resignation rehabilitated public image has recently become somewhat marred is because the actions of our present CIC has prompted Watergate nostalgia.

Will Trump be remembered fondly in twenty years as a clever peacemaker? A charming curmudgeon? A paragon of virtue?


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