Pithy Quotes

I discovered someone(s) has been taking quotes from one of my books and placing them on a “quotes” section of Goodreads. They’re not bad quotes, actually:

“George held his hand over his heart. “We are not animals. We are a civilized race. A fellow like Adam who has committed crimes should be given an unbiased trial to fairly determine that he is guilty.”

“And Jedediah possessed an unnatural dislike for the weaponry of old—guns, as we used to call them—and campaigned strongly against their use.”

“The old practice of using muskets acquired a dark reputation, largely due to the efforts of Adam’s father, who found sympathy in many others in the community, including former Mayor Increase Gladford. He claimed they promoted weak morals and were a hazard to children. In fact, he prognosticated that at some time in the future, these devices would become sufficiently dangerous that individuals would regularly assault the children in the schoolhouse, or the children themselves would become so corrupted”

“Guns have never been rehabilitated, although our ability to protect our loved ones from wild animals, especially bears, would improve if they were.”

“when you get a group of people together to do something good, they can work real miracles, and do a lot more good than they can working separate. But the opposite is true too. Get a bunch of folks with some bad ideas teaming together, and the results can be terrible, and it only gets worse if that bunch is also led by a man of God.”

“The devil can deceive the human fancy so that a man really seems to be an animal. ​—Malleus Mallificarum”



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