Message I sent to the Southern Poverty Law Center

Dear SPLC,

I’ve long greatly respected and appreciated the valuable work you do. Given the frightening rise of white nationalism attendant to the Trump presidency and the recent inclination of many countries to regress to old nativist prejudices and scapegoating of “the other,” it is easy to despair for the future of democracy, tolerance, and multiculturalism. The Southern Poverty Law Center stands out as an organization that effectively and fearlessly fights back against these ugly trends and gives cause for hope.

Therefore, I plan to raise money to donate to the SPLC in the following way. I am the author of a mystery novel titled The Rabbit Skinners, whose focus is a disabled FBI agent who independently investigates the disappearance of African American children in a small Arizona town (included in those who attempt to stop him are a racist police chief, conniving FBI superiors, and members of a white supremacist group called The New Confederation). Next February, in honor of Black History Month and the SPLC, I will donate all profits from the sale of my novel on Amazon, and will also match those profits, to the SPLC. This might not raise a huge amount of money, but it is difficult for me donate in other ways. If my effort appears successful, I will likely attempt to persuade authors of similarly themed books to participate in future years.

Expressing my profoundest gratitude for the fine work you do,

John Eidswick

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