Hi, everyone in the U.S.! I hope you are enjoying your Saturday, or, as we call it in Japan, Sunday. Inevitably during the holiday season, I grow morose and dispirited and homesick. For one thing, overwork and insomnia always suck away at my blood sugar and denudes my synapses of their protective sheaths, so I’m compromised already, but also there is the matter of Christmas not being a holiday in Japan. My plans for December 25 are to attend a staff meeting and teach classes to my exhausted students.

Speaking of exhausted, are you looking for something unique to read during the holidays? (Please note incredibly awkward segue).

Perhaps apropos of the previous sentence, The Language of Bears, my “quirky” historical fantasy about the life and death of America, will be on sale until December 29 for the gobsmackingly low price of 99 cents.*

Here is what reviewers have said about it:

The Language of Bears is a smart, literate, odd, and skillfully written tour de force…Witty, serious, and original, this stunning tale should attract anyone who delights in an intellectually stimulating read.” -Kirkus Reviews

“THE LANGUAGE OF BEARS is that rare thing: a fantasy that introduces an entirely unique world that also reads as fully real…The mix of historical and fantastical detail creates an uncanny mood that keeps you turning pages as the novel invites you to uncover its many mysteries.” -IndieReader

“John Eidswick’s The Language of Bears is told in a strong and engrossing voice…The setting is masterfully crafted…one of those stories that stand out in their originality, the plot points, and tone.” -San Francisco Book Reviews

“It hits almost every single one of my wants when it comes to a fiction book and then some.” -MI Book Reviews

“This book is like reading a fairy tale after consuming a box of magic mushrooms…the surprise hit of the year. I loved it!” -Two Bald Mages

“The Language of Bears is delightfully original and satisfyingly unpredictable: highly recommended reading not for those who look for superficial action, but for readers who delight in finding an original voice that excels in alternative history and unique perspectives.” -Midwest Book Review

“This book is one of the hidden gems of self-publishing.” -Arden, Goodreads review

*sorry, ebook (Kindle) version only, only available at this sale price for residents of the United States.

4 thoughts on “WEIRD HOLIDAY READ

  1. I dunno, John. I’m fairly anti eBook. I own a Kindle but only because my son ditched his when he made the jump to a smart phone. I’ll charge up the Kindle to make the purchase, but reading a book on a device? Hate it.


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