Jimmy Osmond Popular in UK?

It might appear insensitive to headline this brief reflection with no mention of the more important news of Jimmy Osmond, youngest of the Osmond singing clan and star of The Great Brain, that is, that he suffered a stroke today (or yesterday). My thoughts and prayers go out to Mr. Osmond and his family, and I wish them the best.

The thing that struck me about this news is that it was reported quite extensively in the UK, but, as of this writing, I could find nary a peep in the American news. Possibly this is partly to do with his stroke having occurred in the UK (he was playing Captain Hook in a performance of Peter Pan). But news travels fast these days and it is midday now in the US and late at night in the UK, so one might expect at this point multiple news stories not to originate solely from UK sources (I found stories in the Telegram, the BBC, etc. but nothing in US. news media) and not to be so prominently displayed on Yahoo News UK (but not on Yahoo News US). Also, I had a look at the comments posted on the story that appeared on Yahoo UK, and was startled by the respect and love poured out by every commenter. I’m not sure you’d find many in the US who even know who Jimmy Osmond is. I myself find it strange that I know who he is.

Screenshots of Yahoo UK (above) and Yahoo US (below)

Could it be Jimmy Osmond has somehow quietly cultivated a substantial following in Britain whilst remaining obscure in the US?

WHY AM I, a reasonable person not in any way a fan of the Osmonds (especially Jimmy Osmond, who–although I’m sure he is a perfectly fine chap in person–struck me as a particularly grotesque add-on to the already grotesque, synchronized, sparkly-toothed Osmond “phenomenon” of the 1970s) nor in any way a Mormon, THINKING ABOUT THIS AT 6:05AM on New Years Day in Japan?!

Perhaps a trace of fever yet lingers from my recent bout with bronchitis.


One of Jimmy Osmond’s first hits occurred in the UK!

2 thoughts on “Jimmy Osmond Popular in UK?

  1. You’re right, I haven’t seen anything about this. I’m not a newshound but would think this would’ve appeared on Twitter or somehow come onto my radar. And to be clear: I’m not an Osmonds devotee so am not sure why I’m writing about Jimmy O on New Year’s eve. HA!

    Happy New Year to you and I hope you’re fully healthy again very soon!

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    • Thanks, Tracy, for your kind thoughts. Apparently the intrepid youngest Osmond is on everyone’s mind over there in the UK, which just goes to show you…something. Anyway, I hope I don’t need to think about Jimmy Osmond for at least another year, and Happy 2019 to you too!

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