I don’t support building a border wall, but how about a nice border shrubbery?


    • I introduced my ten-year-old to MP and the Holy Grail yesterday (no doubt this was the inspiration for my post). I thought he wouldn’t understand it or would be bored but he was riveted. When I told him it was time to get ready for bed, he said “Ni!” to me.

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  1. In contrast with the US, there is in Europe a growing consent among the population that we should have a better border protection since we’re getting swamped with refugees from Africa and the middle east, applying for political asylum. 90 % are economical refugees and see their application refused. Contrary to the US, most of those people are not coming here to work, but to take advantage of our social security system that entitles them to a minimum income and social housing. In the US, illegal immigration contributes to the country’s economy while here in Europe they’re perceived as a burden to our economy. Spain has a couple of enclaves on the African side of the Mediterranean that are surrendered by walls and fences that would make the US president drool. And very often we can’t send them back because the consulates of their countries of origin don’t want to deliver traveling documents.


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