If “securing the border” with a wall was such an urgent need to address a national emergency, why didn’t the Republicans accomplish it during the two years they controlled Congress?

2 thoughts on “LAST WALL POST OF THE DAY (maybe)

  1. I know, right? It’s maddening, all the spin spin spin and the ducking and covering going on. Sometimes we watch Fox News just to see what’s happening in LaLaLand. It’s incredible, really.

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  2. Those career politicians from both sides don’t like this outsider. I’m afraid the same thing would have happened to Bernie (if he would have, rightfully, won the Democratic primaries). Trump did catch them where it hurt; wanting to abolish obamacare was a longtime republican tantrum; it was a congressional no-no-no, because some senators came from states where lots of their constituents would lose coverage when it would be abolished. Stop illegal immigration? Who will work on my farm, do the hard and cheap labor on my construction sites or be my children’s nanny,… and so on. Potty-mouthed Trump shames political correctness by exercising his first amendment rights as a president. After all, when the president cannot, who can? Statesmanship? Huh? My way or no way! Doubt if he will cave in, but should have done it a year ago. Indeed; when congress was controlled by REPUBLICANS. Blaming the opposition for passing laws that aren’t pleasing him, instead of negotiating at tit for tat, is indeed a little childish.


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