In case you’re one of those who find Trump’s tweet honoring Black History Month heartwarming, it is worth recalling he, during the campaign, also retweeted two neo-Nazis.

And of course practically every week since he was elected has done or said something that constitutes a deafening dog-whistle to the David Dukes of the country. If Trump hadn’t done these things, hate crimes wouldn’t have sharply increased, nor would the number of anti-Muslim hate groups have tripled during the last two years.

The debate over whether or not Trump is a racist strikes me as strange. It doesn’t matter if he’s personally a racist. What matters is that he enables racists. He is willing to cynically court their approval, implement xenophobic policies they want, give their insane conspiracy theories the veneer of respectibility by promoting them through official communication channels, elevate their alt-right freaks into positions the White House (Steve Bannon, Stephen Miller, etc.), etc. all of which cross a line that should make him unacceptable and intolerable to all Americans. Trump is unAmerican.

2 thoughts on “POTUS IS POS TO POC

  1. Aren’t you giving this POTUS just too much … I don’t know… Sounds a little to me as all those guys who were disputing Obama’s birth certificate, his so called Muslim sympathies, communist inclinations because of the Affordable Health Care Act, … branding his ideas to close Guantanamo Bay as anti-patriotic.. sigh … Do you really want to fill up your head with clutter like that? A president serves his time and the SYSTEM allows him to change some crap IF he’s smart enough to get the system working for him. Obama needed a lame duck House to get his healthcare bill voted! And had to compromise seriously because of senator Mondale who provided the crucial vote.

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    • Be assured that this mook contributes little to the substantial clutter in my head! That said, I think we live in unprecedentedly perilous times, brought forth by anti-Democratic forces in the U.S., and if I can add a drop here and there to the ocean that is the resistance, I’m fine with that. 45, incidentally, is as dumb as the gum on my shoe, but is still playing the system quite effectively to undermine American democracy and progress. Just my opinion!

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