Progress report

As some of you know, I write novels as a hobby. One or two of you might (or might not!) be interested in a progress report about them.

When Moths Burn, the sequel to my mystery-suspense book called The Rabbit Skinners, is fleshed out from beginning to end. Herculean ex-FBI agent James Strait is leading a new peaceful life, has grown out his hair and taken up the acoustic guitar. He and Pastor Jessie are deeply in love and considering marriage. He is working at the Unitarian church as a maintenance man and has also just landed a job at the local Food Coop. Life has never been better.

Then someone sets off a bomb in the church, resulting in the death of an important character and false accusations against Strait, who ends up being a hunted fugitive. Things are further complicated by his reluctant surrogate-father relationship with Amanda, a difficult homeless teen who seeks him out for protection from her sadistic stepfather. With a mysterious woman framing him for murder and both police and FBI trying to hunt him down, Strait needs Amanda to help him prove his innocence as much as she needs him to protect her.

Will Strait be vindicated? Will Amanda survive? Who knows? Certainly not me!

I’ve mapped out a storyline that will end up being around 330 pages, 200 of which are completed in various drafts. Almost all written during the 20-minute leg of my morning commute when I can find a seat (job and family take all the rest of my time).

When Moths Burn is tentatively set for release in the summer of 2019.



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