Obstruction is Obstruction

Everything that was true before the Barr summary is true after. Trump sided with Putin over his own intelligence services on the question of Russian election interference. He interfered with witnesses to the investigation, which is obstruction.

6 thoughts on “Obstruction is Obstruction

  1. Don’t understand all this commotion; just like there is a second Watergate going on. Reminds me of the Clinton saga. The only aim of this investigation isn’t to bring Trump to justice, but to paralyze his presidency. Opposition through the courts. The right place to judge a politician’s performance is at the voting poll and in Congress. Meanwhile congress gets away with ZERO performance. It’s time the US public grows up. The US State department and the CIA are doing nothing else than meddling with other nations internal affairs (yes, also in Russia).


  2. I would say that the “Clinton saga” . . . well, it depends on whether you’re referring to Pres. Clinton or Sec. Clinton.

    Regardless, it has a lot more akin to Pres. Nixon, in that it involves direct interference in an election, and how much (if at all) a presidential candidate was involved in interfering with said election. We nailed Nixon to the wall for both orchestrating a break-in to a political party’s national headquarters and several abuses of power that were subsequently uncovered. (Pres. Clinton, on the other hand, was investigated for having an extra-marital affair and lying about it to Congress, a much lesser crime.)

    Comparatively, Trump’s been investigated to determine his involvement in direct interference in an election (including the modern version of the Nixon break-in, server hacking). Arguably, it’s worse than Nixon’s situation because it involves potentially aiding and abetting a foreign power in order to get himself in office (or his relatives doing so). Another added layer there is how beholden he is to said foreign power (which he son, Donald Jr., has already acknowledged that the family owes tens, perhaps hundreds, of millions of dollars to Russian banks, which are themselves owned by the Russian government or organized crime). And other abuses of power have also been involved (not to mention the rampant nepotism and overruling the country’s top intelligence and security agencies regarding security clearances for his daughter [who still has no official job title] and son-in-law).


  3. The man is a second generation billionaire. Hillary was taking 300,000 $ for speeches whom’s content she didn’t want to disclose. Which one is more likely to be a puppet? Not to mention the groveling and shoveling to push Bernie out of the race (for those who like to make Watergate parallels); the other outsider who was the only other alternative for politics as usual. Even under a republican controlled congress, Trump couldn’t push his agenda through because he wasn’t “one of them” (repeal Obama Care and this border wall, to name the most symbolical issues that come to my mind). And yes, on foreign policies, he has also some ideas that go against some mainstream Capitol Hill sensitivities; especially on China and Israel. Doesn’t mean he’s not a lying megalomaniac nepotist, but I strongly doubt that he’s a Kremlin puppet. And the issue if the man gets a second term, isn’t up to the judiciary to decide, but the voters’ responsibility. One third of the lawyers in the world live in the US and they meddle with everything in an effort to prove they’re worth their keep.


  4. The aim of the investigation wasn’t to “paralyze his presidency.” It was to investigate Russian interference in the 2016 election, possible links between the Trump campaign and said interference, and “any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation.” The Mueller probe began because Trump fired James Comey. As he stated publicly, he did to stop the FBI investigation into Russian election interference and Trump campaign workers (specifically Michael Flynn). This flagrant attempt at obstruction prompted demands for an independent investigation. If Trump hadn’t tried to obstruct the FBI investigation, no Mueller investigation would have occurred.

    The Mueller probe and the FBI and intelligence agency investigations that preceded it were all very well-justified. In fact, it would have been criminal not to have investigated, given all the indications of Russian interference. The investigation subsequently established beyond doubt that the Russian government conducted an extensive campaign to influence the results of the election and that this influence was in favor of electing Trump.

    For his part, Trump has interfered with and threatened witnesses, tweeted endless, unhinged claims about the investigation being a “witchhunt,” a “hoax,” etc. and otherwise done just about anything he could to appear guilty. To this day, Trump has scarcely acknowledged the election interference occurred, even going so far as to state at a press conference, with Vladimir Putin at his side, that he believed Putin over his own intelligence agencies. If Obama has done this, he would have been impeached, removed from office, and probably tried for treason.

    Given that Trump was elected only by very slender margins in three key states and, along with the Russian interference in his favor, Trump silenced, through payoffs, news of his extramarital affairs just before election day, and then-FBI Director Comey, also just before election day, made the announcement (ultimately empty) that a new “trove” of Clinton’s emails had been discovered, the probability is high that Trump owes his victory to one or more of these embarrassing factors.

    Sorry, these are the facts of the matter and no amount of lies, spin, misdirection, false labeling, conspiracy theories, or “whataboutisms” can change them.


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