Mozart, Einstein, and Mister MAGApants

I find it peculiar that 45 supporters justify their claim of 45 being a “genius” (like Mozart or Einstein) by saying he intentionally lies to grab media attention and to outrage liberals. Where I come from, that’s just being a manipulative asshole.

One thought on “Mozart, Einstein, and Mister MAGApants

  1. Being a manipulative asshole, that’s being a politician for you. Everyone seems to forget why this asshole has been elected in the first place. Because he said he was an asshole and the floating voters got tired of business as usual. No secret speeches, no manipulating the primaries, … just a plain asshole billionaire with some clear agenda that he wants to drive through; whatever it takes. Wish Obama had some of that when he wanted to abolish Guantanamo or reduce the proliferation of firearms in the US.


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