Summer (2020) and July (7th)

Post from my friend Paul Mosier about his upcoming YA novel, Summer and July. It looks interesting.


In late July and early August of 2016, I stayed with my wife, Keri, and daughters Eleri (then nearly 13)  and Harmony (7) at a charming Airbnb cottage in the Ocean Park neighborhood of Santa Monica. The cottage was nearly a hundred years old, on a hill overlooking the Pacific Ocean, a few blocks away. Outside in the sidewalk, the words IGNORE ALIEN ORDERS had been carved when the cement was still wet, most likely in the 1960’s.

Harmony was in the first remission of her cancer fight of 2 years and three months. It was the fifty year anniversary of the Beach Boys landmark album Pet Sounds, which I played relentlessly on a bluetooth speaker during our stay of eight days. A block away was the charming Ocean Park branch of the Santa Monica Public Library. Down the hill on Main Street were ice cream shops and eateries, and…

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One thought on “Summer (2020) and July (7th)

  1. Both of you seem to share a couple of similar experiences in your personal life. The difference seems to be that Paul’s writing is highly autobiographic and offers very intimate insights in his personal life. I would feel very uncomfortable about that. His wife, family and friends probably also. I have been reading once an article about a Scandinavian bestselling author (Karl Ove Knausgård) who ended up having a divorce and no social life at all anymore because everyone started to shun him. They didn’t want to have details of their personal life to be plastered around a novel for everyone to read.


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